Smoke on the Water

With my wife Barb at the wheel and me in the passenger seat driving over a bridge across the Smith River near our home late one afternoon, right after a rainstorm, I noticed that thick fog had developed on the surface of the river due to the temperature difference between the cooler air and the warmer water. Equally interesting was the bright reflection of the sunlight peeking through the clouds above…in the midst of the foggy water surface. I really like this picture…I have never seen this effect before, although I am sure it’s very common.

I asked Barb to stop on the bridge so I could get the shot I wanted and she first looked behind for oncoming cars…none were there thankfully.

2 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water

  1. Nice, I’ve got some of my best images when my wife tells me to stop. Going into the west gate the last few mornings we’ve had fog on the river.

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