Two Views…Different Conclusion

I have driven by this house sitting a short distance off a main road numerous times, and liked the bright green metal roof contrasting with the yellow paint on its foundation and brickwork. So, I recently stopped to make some close-up images and after I did I came to different conclusions.

First, the owners used a nice paint scheme to make the simple house look better, as in the first image. But if you look at the close-up of the eagle on the chimney, you’ll note they did a bit of sloppy paint work. Poor guy has a big gob of paint on his head and lots more on his wings and tail! Once again, two views of the same subject tell a better story photographically. Far away, everything looks good, close up not so good. Still, only a person like me would notice the details on the eagle anyway, because to get the shot I had to use my telephoto lens. Main point…the house looks better overall and that’s what counts.

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