An Antique Selling Antiques

This rebuilt and obviously renovated (red metal roof) log cabin located along a highway in Virginia was once a place to stop, look and perhaps buy antiques and collectables. Now, it’s just a vacant structure by the side of the road…an antique itself. Here are some close-up views I made as I wandered around the outside of the cabin. The grain and texture in the wood were what mainly caught my eye, especially on the original hand cut and shaped logs as well the planking used for the back door.

“Behind” the Window Glass

Artificial flowers behind this frosted-glass window make for an interesting image. I have taken and experimented with similar images before. I like to work with different ways to create a “new look” each time I see this sort of window-frame with somewhat recognizable objects behind the glass. To see more detail of the glass itself, click the photo to enlarge it.

Bottle Tree

We have a very handy neighbor who not only built this backyard utility “cabin”, but next to it he designed a colored glass “bottle tree” … a local tradition. Click the image for more details.


Sometimes if you locate a rustic old farm building like this, you can make some simple but often effective images that…well…just look rustic and old. Object in this case was to provide contrasting subjects such as the weathered and time-worn wooden siding (and door in the second image) along with the green vegetation in the foreground. I prefer the second photo over the first. The wispy “weed” in front with the door in the background was what I liked best.