A Vacant Chair


Like the wooden rocking chair sitting on our home’s front porch, my photo blog has been “vacant” since last October. That’s soon to change, and I hope to be able to “fill” that vacancy with lots more of the type photos I have been posting for several years. Why the temporary absence you ask? Well, in a word “cancer.”

When I stopped blogging late last October I was scheduled for a blood related cancer bone marrow transplant at Duke University Medical Center and that month-long treatment made it impossible for me to get out and take the sort of photos I post here. All went well thanks to the good Lord, and while recovery from such a medical procedure can take months, I am at a point now where I feel ready to resume my photography, and to again be able to share my work with anyone so interested. But, enough of my medical story!

So, I invite you to bookmark my blog and to return often. I am going to resume my photo work slowly, so don’t expect new photos every day. But it won’t be too long before I’ll be able to meet that objective. Cheers and good health to all!

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