Seeing What Others May Not


I never seem find a church building that I can’t find some architectural aspect which attracts my eye photographically. In this case, I was standing across the street from this Baptist Church in Martinsville, VA looking up at the spires. What attracted my eye was the manner in which all the roof “lines” and “angles” came together in a great composition…to me at least. I especially liked the positioning of the cross in the photo.

Many photographers may see things that others may not. I suppose I am that way and no matter where I am, I keep looking for interesting views that might make for a good photo. Of course, you have to have your camera handy to record what you see at a given moment in time. Isn’t at what this is all about? Sharing what you see with others through photos?

One thought on “Seeing What Others May Not

  1. The curse and blessing of having the creative eye. The curse is someday I might rear-end someone because of looking at the the lighting that God provides to light up something that I see. I will never big a good fisherman because I’m looking for the next image. The blessing is I see with my heart and share the heart light in my photography.

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