Moody Day


This image fits the title of this post and vice versa. I first took a telephoto lens shot of some tulip poplar trees in our back yard on a recent cold, cloudy day, and then processed the image using computer software (Silver Efex Pro for those who care) to achieve the look I wanted. It took the word “moody” and tripled it in definition, plus gave me a very nice and creative image that would look nice after being printed on glossy paper (at say 18×24 inches) and then framed and hung on one of the walls in our home. This is what I really like about digital photography these days. One can capture a very simple image such as these leafless trees and then give it a look that has much more impact and meaning.

One thought on “Moody Day

  1. I have found in my own creativity that sometimes simpler the subject matter the more interesting

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