George of the Green Thumb


This is the back deck of our neighbor’s house, home to a person I’ll call “George of the Green Thumb.” His deck is a bit cluttered especially at this time of year when he devotes all of his energies to “making things grow.” He is an all organic gardener, and uses seeds gathered from last year’s crops of various vegetables and wild flowers. One might call him a “hoarder” (he calls himself that all the time) and he makes maximum long term use of whatever natural and well-used man-made materials that come his way. I believe my photo proves this point. No matter, George is perhaps the most deliberate and successful gardener I know…even if his ways are a bit cluttered. So, while George was away somewhere I wandered over to his back porch and made this image. I thought it describes George very well. He is a retired lawyer by the way and a very nice person. “George of the Green Thumb” he most definitely is as well.

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