The Outhouse

Here in the United States this structure may be called “the outhouse”, or “privy.” And, although I have never heard it referred to as such, an “earth closet.” In New Zealand they are known as “long drops” and that’s a pretty good description. Definitions all courtesy of Wikipedia…which is never wrong. Anyway, on my photo trips I am always on the lookout for old, deserted structures. In the case of old homes, I sometimes wander around the outside of the main building seeing what I can see. If I am lucky, I’ll find an old privy, and if I am really lucky it will be leaning a bit, with door open, surrounded by dense vegetation. I got lucky here. I could have gotten closer and made additional images from different angles, but I noted that the vegetation was home to numerous ticks which I had no desire to visit. Imagine one heading outside to the family outhouse in the middle of the night in the summer given said ticks. Thank for Lord for indoor plumbing!


One reply to “The Outhouse

  1. My Grandpa had indoor plumbing but would still use the outhouse. It was a fancy one a two hole-er.
    My brother and I thought it was cool. Grandpa couldn’t believe they would bring that inside a house.

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