Clutter…or not

As I travel around seeking to find photo-worthy (now that’s an interesting word, eh?) opportunities for my camera lens, I will start making photos in one location, only to find something different nearby which I had not earlier seen. That’s the case here with these two images. I had targeted an old house which had an interesting architectural style, when I noticed that behind the home there was an old storage shed that was, well, full of clutter. In fact, the shed was literally falling down…thus creating more clutter. People were still living in the home and I did not know if they were there as I was wandering around their property. Thankfully, they were not. There was such a contrast between the relatively nice looking home and the items in the back yard, that I wondered why they kept it that way. Maybe they figured no one would see the clutter…but I did, and I think it made for some interesting photography.



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