The Red Barn

I “live” for finding photo opportunities such as this one. Unfortunately they usually are located in such a position that makes it next to impossible to photograph from a good angle. In this case, that angle had me stopped dead center in the middle of a lightly traveled backwoods road in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Montanans of Virginia. There was no shoulder on the road, so the pavement was all I had. So, quickly grabbing my camera, and noting that my car’s windshield was pretty clean and clear, I placed my camera close to the glass behind the steering wheel and fired away. It worked, and I got a nice image. Mind you, stopping on ANY road to make a photo is risky, but… I had to have the shot!


One reply to “The Red Barn

  1. Are you shooting jpg. or raw? I would like a shot at post processing this image, and will video it to show you my way. Could you e-mail this image to me?

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