Photo Mix

Walking along city streets can offer photo opportunities. Most times, for me anyway, there is no connection between each image…just a mix. Here’s what I am talking about. Learning to compose an image in an interesting fashion takes time to learn…making photos such as these helps that process.




Bright Colors

Few things catch the eyes as do colorful photographs. If they involve objects often missed as one passes by, it’s all for the better. Here are two examples of photos I made recently while walking through the downtown area of a nearby city. I typically keep my eyes moving, looking for “colors” and interesting shapes. I found them here and I trust you will agree they are indeed colorful. Photo tip: Always have a camera with you and ready to record what you see…so that others might “see” the same things you did.



Iconic American Brand

True, today is definitely NOT a time for cigarettes, but not too long ago they were a primary part of American life…health hazards then either unknown or ignored. One of the most famous brands was Lucky Strike. The center of the American tobacco was essentially the Piedmont Region of Virginia and North Carolina, with the City of Reidsville, NC being home to a large Lucky Strike factory. Today the remnants of that facility remain, albeit no longer used. The large smokestack with the name of the cigarette formed with white bricks, contrast with the primary red brick structure, and there is the brand icon painted on the side. Together this makes for a nice series of photographs shown here.




Church in the Valley

As I travel about the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, I see lots of small, rural churches, given the spiritual depth of many who live there… on ridges and in valleys. Some churches lend themselves better than others when it comes to making photos. This was one…given the “angry sky” and the “peaceful church” below.


One Covered Bridge

During the days of horse / wagon and early automobile transport in rural farming areas, wooden covered bridges across small gaps, rivers and creeks were common. Today, those remaining are hard to locate. Fortunately we have two near where we live. This one is the Bob White covered bridge, near Woolwine, Virginia in the Blue Ridge mountains. It was built in 1921. I am thankful to be able to find and make photos of this part of our history, plus happy to see people wanting to preserve that history in Virginia.



Victorian Style Homes

Danville, Virginia has some of the most beautiful original Victorian-style homes in the U.S. located on Main Street just outside the downtown portion of the city. Sadly, some of these homes have been allowed to deteriorate over the years, as the city itself has done…largely due to the decline of the textile and tobacco industry which was once an economic engine for the Commonwealth of Virginia. On the other hand, owners of many of these homes have renovated them, and others have major work underway to make them closer to what they once were. This all makes for a great photo-desitination I have visited many times. Here are several recent examples of what I am writing about.






Horizontal vs Vertical

Most amateur/enthusiast photographers typically compose their photos horizontally mostly because that’s the way they hold their camera. However, there are many potential images that lend themselves to a vertical composition. Try shooting for an entire session in vertical orientation and see what you can get. You might be surprised by what results. Here are two examples.



Blue Ridge Rainy Day

Living fairly close to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I have been (as those living around here say) “up on the mountain” many times. Of course, one wishes to always have nice weather when going there, especially during the summer when temperatures above 3000 feet are much cooler than they are down below. But, Mother Nature does not always give us what we want. Given my photographic interest in the region, there are times when I like something different, mainly because that offers me an opportunity to make some photos that are unlike many of the others I have made in the past. Last week on a trip up that way, clouds and rain descended upon us the higher up we got. But, there were enough breaks in the “wet” so I could get out of the car and capture some special images that give one an example of the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge…even on a dreary, rainy afternoon.