One Covered Bridge

During the days of horse / wagon and early automobile transport in rural farming areas, wooden covered bridges across small gaps, rivers and creeks were common. Today, those remaining are hard to locate. Fortunately we have two near where we live. This one is the Bob White covered bridge, near Woolwine, Virginia in the Blue Ridge mountains. It was built in 1921. I am thankful to be able to find and make photos of this part of our history, plus happy to see people wanting to preserve that history in Virginia.



3 replies to “One Covered Bridge

    1. Noise…yes I know. My in-camera flash was not enough to get the lighting right. My intent in the second photo was not so much the noise (photo quality) but the “look” of the timbers making the bridge deck and structure. So, I just let post processing in Lightroom do it’s thing as best it could. Thanks for the comment, Mike!

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