Iconic American Brand

True, today is definitely NOT a time for cigarettes, but not too long ago they were a primary part of American life…health hazards then either unknown or ignored. One of the most famous brands was Lucky Strike. The center of the American tobacco was essentially the Piedmont Region of Virginia and North Carolina, with the City of Reidsville, NC being home to a large Lucky Strike factory. Today the remnants of that facility remain, albeit no longer used. The large smokestack with the name of the cigarette formed with white bricks, contrast with the primary red brick structure, and there is the brand icon painted on the side. Together this makes for a nice series of photographs shown here.




2 replies to “Iconic American Brand

  1. Thank you for this photograph. I was in Reidsville yesterday with my brother and as we drove into town I was just drawn to the Lucky Stripe smokestack and the the old factory. We were there to try the bbq at Short Sugars as it’s on the NC BBQ trail. Being a Southerner and having grown up in the shipbuilding town of Newport News, VA, I can’t help but appreciate and be curious about the history of this cigarette made town of Reidsville, NC. I can see in my mind the workers from the 30’s and 40’s and on filing in thru the gates for their assigned shifts. What a time it must have been for this grand old Southern town. Thank you again.

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