Last of the Bunch

Where these little pansies came from is beyond me … I did not plant them. It’s been a good summer for flowers in SW Virginia, especially in our neighborhood. It makes me smile when I see hearty, small beauties like these pop up in unexpected places, like in the midst of some pebble-rock fill I placed around a walkway off our back porch. Now that Fall has arrived … officially … I suspect we’ll be seeing more color on the trees, and less in flower gardens. Enjoy it while we have it!


House Close-Ups

Here are three close-up compositions of portions of an 1800s era vintage house, now serving as a historical and visitor’s center in Yancyville, North Carolina. In case you wonder what the metal “S-shaped” object is … it serves to hold one side of a wooden shutter against the side of the house. When it was to be closed, one just moved the attachment. And yes, I framed the front screen door to give it a “cross” shape. Nice if it was on a church. The last image caught my eye with the wooden scroll work at the peak of the house. Lots to photograph … if you just look closely.




In the Jailhouse…now

I enjoy doing photo journalism, which describes a subject primarily through photographs, with limited “words” to go along. In this case, I found the old Caswell County North Carolina Jail House, located in Yancyville. It operated from 1906-1973 and was renovated in 1985. The building itself was not that unusual to me, but I found the main steel door and the bared windows on the brick building to be interesting. To a convicted or suspected criminal being led into the facility, it most likely was an unhappy sight. I wanted to get some closeups of the thick steel door, with its old lock. Looking closely, you can read where the door and lock was made … good old Stewart Jail Works Company. I sometimes wonder of we’d kept more “rough and tough” jails like this operating today, whether the deterrent to crime would be better than it is.





Colors on my Walk

A last minute decision yesterday to take my camera with me on my AM walk through our neighborhood resulted in two things…I got some exercise and I found that the early morning light made for some interesting photos of still colorful vegetation with cooler temperatures on the way. I have been wanting to get a shot of the bamboo stand, but it’s deep in the yard of a neighbor, and I was until this time reluctant to get up close. I sometimes get a bit nervous when using my camera around homes, because you never know what people may think I am doing. Most recognize me, however, because I have been walking / jogging through the area for a long time…often with camera in hand. So, as I have written several times before it’s usually a good move to have your camera handy, because you never know what you’re going to see. I am pretty happy with these images and trust you will enjoy them.





Variety in your Photos

There was a time when one purchased either black and white film or color film for their camera. Way back in time it was all black and white. With today’s digital cameras, one has a choice from the get-go. I, for one, like to experiment with black and white a lot, mainly because some images look better that way when processed. Usually they are images lacking a variety of colors, and are of high contrast. Here is one example of what I am talking about. So, be creative and try making more black and white photos…you may determine you will like it.


Civil War History

There is a tremendous amount of American Civil War “history” available to view and photograph in Virginia and North Carolina. Here are two examples I found in Yancyville, NC. One problem I have found when making photos of memorial statues is that it’s very hard to get the entire form into the composition without having a lot of distracting items in the background, like electric lines, buildings, etc. So I sacrifice the full figure for only a portion, using a telephoto lens. Nice when you have puffy clouds. Find a typical county courthouse in North Carolina and Virginia and I bet you will find at least one memorial to those who fought and died in various wars. Very appropriate in my view.