Cities that Care

All too often these days we see for ourselves, or else read about in the media, evidence of the decline of cities and towns in American…large and small. But, it’s not always as bleak it may seem. For example, there is Reidsville, NC, located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, near Danville, Virginia. This area was once a thriving center for the tobacco and textile industry, but clearly that has all changed in our modern world-based economy. I have traveled extensively throughout Virginia and North Carolina over the last decade and have seen many examples of where elected leaders and citizens refuse to accept the continued decline of their much beloved community, and take steps to upgrade the area. A perfect example is this extensive well maintained and designed courtyard with large hand-painted wall mural placed on adjacent buildings. This sits right at the city center and makes for a wonderful place to view the history of the area, as well as to appreciate what can be done…when cities care.




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