Take Advantage of your Camera

There is no doubt that digital photography offers numerous advantages over analog (film) primarily because of the ability to make adjustments to your original image during post processing using computer software. Many people choose not to use that software, and are happy with the images that come directly out of their camera. That’s certainly fine with me…to each their own. But, I wonder how many of you reading this who have a camera (besides a phone version) that has adjustments on it…besides AUTO…take advantage of what you can obtain…software or not. Here are two examples of what I am talking about. The first requires digital photo software, so that all but certain colors can be desaturated, leaving a center focus in full color…the artificial roses on this case. The second requires you to use SHUTTER PRIORITY instead of AUTO, and set your camera’s speed to a very slow setting, somewhere less than 1/20th of a second. Lighting will effect what you can do in this case, but when it’s right, you can make “silky water” images such as that shown in the second image. Note that you might want to also use a Black/White setting to make it look better…your call. Anyway, take advantage of photo technology today and explore what your digital camera can do. Have fun!



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