Colors on my Walk

A last minute decision yesterday to take my camera with me on my AM walk through our neighborhood resulted in two things…I got some exercise and I found that the early morning light made for some interesting photos of still colorful vegetation with cooler temperatures on the way. I have been wanting to get a shot of the bamboo stand, but it’s deep in the yard of a neighbor, and I was until this time reluctant to get up close. I sometimes get a bit nervous when using my camera around homes, because you never know what people may think I am doing. Most recognize me, however, because I have been walking / jogging through the area for a long time…often with camera in hand. So, as I have written several times before it’s usually a good move to have your camera handy, because you never know what you’re going to see. I am pretty happy with these images and trust you will enjoy them.





One reply to “Colors on my Walk

  1. Very nice Mr. Morgan. Feels like fall here in the Ozark’s. Hope all is well, Will be in Florida in 2weeks and then back here for a fall workshop.

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