Tobacco Country

Tobacco is obviously not healthy, but the remnants from when it was a primary cash crop in the Piedmont Region of Virginia and North Carolina are indeed “healthy” for my camera eye. These type structures are all over the region…if one looks for them.




2 thoughts on “Tobacco Country

  1. Wow, Mike your work os getting better & better, great images. Thinking about getting the Fuji X-E1 but have put off the purchase because of furloughs (What a mess). Might be in God’s plan because I heard the a newer model due out soon. Got your last E-mail, just got off leave,(trip to Florida) will respond soon, keep up the good work, what camera?

  2. Thanks, Mike. Camera used was the Panasonic GX1, which I have now replaced by a much better GX7 … perhaps the best Micro 4/3 camera to date according to many reviews. Still getting used to it. I considered a Fuji x100S, which is supposedly a suburb camera, but it has a fixed lens and is fairly expensive for that. Anyway, look forward to your email.

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