Heroes of World War II

We are fortunate this week in having three famous World War II era war planes pay a visit to the Blue Ridge Airport near our home, part of a multi-city tour across the United States, to pay tribute to not only those who flew so bravely in these icons of American air power, but also to those who built them, maintained them and worked hard after the war to preserve this proud part of our history. I was present when the three planes arrived overhead and landed, and had my camera going the entire time. First to arrive was a P-51 fighter which was VERY difficult to photography when passing overhead because it was FAST. Second to fly over and land was a B-17, which was the main bomber carrying the war to Germany and Japan ground targets. Last was a B-24 bomber which often flew side-by-side with B-17s. I plan to return to the airport where these planes are open to the public so I can get some close-up images. So, this will be a multi-part photo series. To open this series, I offer the following.










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