Peaceful Blue Ridge Mountain Valley

There is no place (for me anyway) that offers as much peace of mind and enjoyment of spirit than going “up on the mountain” by car, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia. Over the years I have driven and hiked miles and miles of this region, although today my legs and body are not as supporting as they once were to the hiking activity. What I enjoy the most today is making photographs of what I see. The region’s history is of great interest to me, so whenever I see remnants of past farming, or farms today still operating utilizing decades old structures, I get excited and stop to make as many photos as I think are needed to give others the same feelings I had at they time I clicked the shutter.

The farm scene shown here in two views is of one of my favorite Blue Ridge valley locations, with an old farm still being utilized today, backed by rounded ridges above 3500 feet in elevation. It takes a lot of determination to live and farm up on the mountain today, considering it’s a long drive to the nearest town, and that doing so in winter is even more daunting. For the next couple if weeks I will be posting more photos of this region which I made recently. I hope you will enjoy seeing what I saw.



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