Seeing Patterns and Design

Over time I have developed a “photographic habit” of always looking for patterns, textures, design and simple objects which I think might make for an interesting composition. The key is to be able to focus in and compose a scene in the camera’s viewfinder that shows something special and perhaps interesting. I think the first photo below shows best what I am talking about. This was the entrance to a store front, but by focusing in on just a small part of the entrance way where I could frame several different colors and patterns, I got something different. The second photo is a perspective view of the front windows to a Mexican restaurant, with a brightly painted stucco front. The last one with the birds is simply the result seeing a large decorative design on one wall of a deli we were eating lunch in one day, and focusing in on just a small portion of the artwork design. This is all about having fun with your camera, but doing so with a purpose.




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