So Many Memories

When I make photos of old houses I often wonder at the time (or later when I look at them on my computer screen) what memories reside in the structure; who lived there, how large was the family, what did they do, what were their daily lives like, and so forth. In the case of the following photos, the fact that this early 19th Century farm home was located in a rather remote section in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia most likely meant that whomever lived there did so with great determination and patience given the difficulties I am sure they experienced trying to provide for each other, especially during the winter months. As I have written previously, using your imagination is an important aspect of making photos, so that your efforts can “tell a story.”





One reply to “So Many Memories

  1. Great photographers think alike. Often I find myself looking at old buildings thinking the same way. Who lived there? What did they do for living? Was it easy or hard? Very cold day here Missouri Wind chill of -30 did go out take pictures. Didn’t stray too far from my truck.

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