Stepping into the Past

Once again, I found a new and very unique photo opportunity in a location I have visited many times before. Madison, NC. It’s a small town located just south of the Virginia State line in the Piedmont Region, and was once a hub for the tobacco trade. Today, many stores remain open and owners work to restore a look of “history” as well as a uniqueness in the manner in which they present their products. Madison, unlike some other small towns in this area which I have visited and photographed many times, retains a vibrancy which attracts local citizens and visitors like me.

I parked and began to wander around a street looking for photo scenes that caught my eye. I liked the two flags, for example, which I saw in front of Madison Dry Goods, so I made a photo and then moved on. Returning later to my car, the owner of the dry goods store (Richard) stepped out of the front door and introduced himself, asking if I was enjoying myself making photos, and would I like to come inside to see what he had to offer. Wow, am I glad I accepted his kind and sincere offer! What follows are several images of the inside of his store. It is literally chocked full of things which many photographers love to see. On top of that, he has restored a portion of the building to the 1905 hotel it once was. In the restoration he has placed numerous original antiques all designed to give the visitor a feel for what it would have been like staying at the hotel. But, I want to save that portion of my photo presentation to a follow-on post.

One thing about living where we do in this region of the United States which I enjoy is the friendliness and hospitality of the small town “folks” we interact with, who are more than willing to become “friends’ no matter the length of time of the interaction. If you are interested, I recommend checking out Madison Dry Goods web site. Very interesting indeed.












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