Part 2 – Stepping into the Past

In my last post I presented several photographs I made at Madison Dry Goods store in Madison, NC. I mentioned that the owner of the store had gathered a number of antiques which he placed in the upstairs portion of the building, which once was a part of the Sterling Hotel. The hotel operated from 1908 to the 1920s, and had 16 rooms, a lobby and a downstairs cafe (now a part of the dry goods store). The intent of the “museum” setting is to offer the visitor a glimpse of what it might have been like when the hotel was operational, by displaying numerous items commonly found at that time. I noted that the rooms were quite small compared to those found today, but then there were much less demands for “comfort” when traveling back in the early 20th Century. A clean bed and a place to wash up and keep warm in cool weather was a main priority.

From a photographers standpoint I captured three images which I really liked for the “look” I saw. The “red lamp” in the brick-walled room, for example, and the image looking out the curtained window to buildings in the back of the hotel were two scenes I really liked. Lastly, I wanted to make an image of the old stairs leading to the rooms above to remind me of the many travelers which had gone up and down those well-worn steps to and from their rooms. It was all a rather enjoyable experience being at such an interesting place. I trust you will enjoy seeing what I saw.










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