I was lucky to be able to make this photo late one afternoon recently. As I was walking back into the house from being out in the backyard making some photos of blooming spring daffodils, I happened to look toward the sky and saw this scene. Moody is the best title I can give it. Over the past two years I have had my moods change dramatically from time to time; sometimes to the good from the bad, sometimes the other way around. Why that is so is not important to this post. What is important is the fact that we all suffer from “attitude deficiency” through life, especially the older we become, with the myriad of physical and mental health concerns that occupy our minds. So when I see a scene like this it reminds me of the fact that we are basically a “moody” bunch. But, the good part to this is just like the cloud-dimmed sun in this photo — there is always a bright, happier spot for us if we will just recognize that and move forward with a renewed spirit. God has a plan for us and He often makes that apparent when scenes such as this in my photo are presented to us. Having a camera in hand at the time makes it even better!

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