Different Flowers

There’s no question I enjoy making photographs of various kinds of flowers I see daily around our home in SW Virginia. No matter the time of year, I find all sorts of interesting views to record. Here are a few examples I found recently. The last one brings back childhood memories of pulling out the center stem of the flowers on Honeysuckle vines and sucking the sweet nectar out; hopefully keeping away from nearby Poison Ivy that often was there too.





Having fun with perspective views

Carrying a camera with you most of the time can be fun when the mood hits you, like it did one day recently when I made these photos which I place in a “perspective” category.

In this photo I got very low to the ground and close to these foot-high backyard plants, so that the scene could make you think you were walking in a jungle with tall vegetation blocking your way.


After I stood up and stretched my creaky legs and joints, I decided to get a bit crazy with perspective. Remember, this is all about having fun.


Later I decided to get up really close with this beautiful flower.


And lastly, I placed my small camera against the base of our backyard flagpole and fired away. I was pretty lucky to get this image because beforehand I did not look up to see those nice clouds and sun location in the sky. It turned out pretty neat in my opinion. So there you go, having fun with perspective views. Try it yourself sometime.


photos that are different

I like to make photos that are different from the typical “tourist shot.” Not in terms of professional standards of excellence, but more so in terms of images that many people might not elect to record through the lens of their camera. I submit that it’s not that hard to make spectacular photos while visiting image rich locations such as the wilds of Alaska or Monument Valley in Utah. On the other hand, I believe when you look around you no matter where you are, there are equally visually appealing images waiting just for you. Here are some examples I made in Roanoke Virginia recently to make this point. Like Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”





In the City, in Black and White

Here’s a collection of photos I made recently in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. I wanted to present them in black and white, because (well) I want to. By the way, I did ask the street musician playing the drum in the first photo, if it would be OK if I took his picture. He gladly agreed, and I gave him a small donation before I walked away. He was really jammin!








The Best Camera is …

It’s been written and said by many photographers to the effect that the BEST camera is the one you have with you at the time. I practice this lesson a lot and carry some sort of camera with me everywhere I go. Sometimes it’s my inter-changeable lens mirrorless camera, a Panasonic Lumix GX7; sometimes it’s my small and pocketable camera, a Panasonic Lumix LX7; and sometimes it’s the very capable camera in my iPhone 5s. I always have some way to record things that my photographic eye sees around me no matter where I am. There are sooooo many things out there that are visually interesting, and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to record such for my photo collection. Maybe I’ll be the only one who ultimately sees most of those photos I make, but maybe I’ll share some of them with others, such as I am doing here. For example, at OUTBACK Restaurant recently, I had my small Lumix LX7 with me and I made the following photos. In order: 1. on the ceiling while waiting for a table, 2. on the wall next to where I was standing, 3. the lemon in my glass of ice-cold sweet tea after eating a delicious steak and lobster combination, and 4. outside the main entrance while walking back to the car. These things were waiting just for me and I captured them … to be a part of my memories forever.