Having fun with perspective views

Carrying a camera with you most of the time can be fun when the mood hits you, like it did one day recently when I made these photos which I place in a “perspective” category.

In this photo I got very low to the ground and close to these foot-high backyard plants, so that the scene could make you think you were walking in a jungle with tall vegetation blocking your way.


After I stood up and stretched my creaky legs and joints, I decided to get a bit crazy with perspective. Remember, this is all about having fun.


Later I decided to get up really close with this beautiful flower.


And lastly, I placed my small camera against the base of our backyard flagpole and fired away. I was pretty lucky to get this image because beforehand I did not look up to see those nice clouds and sun location in the sky. It turned out pretty neat in my opinion. So there you go, having fun with perspective views. Try it yourself sometime.



  1. WOW ! I just preach the sermon; that if your Christian walk is getting stale might need to change your perspective. Works in photography why would it not work in our walk with God?

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