Finding your Passion

I am not a “preacher” but I do have some thoughts which I like to pass on from time to time to any who will listen. One thing I have come to realize the older I have become is that everyone over the age of 50 needs to ask themselves if there is any activity in their life which they feel truly passionate about. I believe having such an activity which excites people to remain active in its execution will sustain them as they age, and when unexpected trials of the spirit pop up as they most likely eventually will, be able to make bearing those trials easier. When I travel about and see people engaging in creative recreational activities and excitedly sharing what they do with others, I see validation to my theory mentioned above. Below are some recent photos of mine to show some of these folks doing what they obviously enjoy doing. The last photo is yours truly doing “his thing.” An activity of which I am most passionate! What’s yours?





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