Martinsville in Black and White


Living here, I visit Uptown Martinsville frequently looking for photo opportunities. I decided to focus on compositions I felt would look good in black and white. Here are several examples. Note: Most digital cameras today allow one to set the camera in “black and white mode.” I don’t do that, preferring instead to download the image first to my computer, and then use processing software (Adobe Lightroom) to convert the color image to black and white non-destructivly, so that I can keep the color version original in tact. Of course, you need post processing software, but Lightroom is just one of many, some very low cost. It’s all about being creative.







  1. The days of black-and-white. There was something magical about putting the paper in the developer and watching the image come up. I used to teach a Zone system class these images have that quality. Black-and-white photography is simply elegant.

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