Blue Ridge Beauty


I have been to Smart Look Recreational Area along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia many times (Milepost 154, elevation 2500 feet) and this view is one which I always am drawn to. I wanted to position myself far enough away from the historic log cabin, using a wide angle lens on my camera, so that the fence would bring the viewers eye into the composition with the mountain skyline in the background. I think the scene would make a nice painting.


I’m always looking for scenes with “leading lines” to point to the prime focus in an image, in this case the nice tree. The fence leads your eye to the tree, and when it’s all backed up by “puffy” clouds, the picture becomes even better.


And lastly, when using a wide angle camera lens, I like to get down close to something in the foreground that catches the eye, and then allows one to look further into the image. In this case the large stone which someone placed on the fence railings served my purpose. Why the stone was put there in the first place is a mystery to me and that makes it all the more interesting. So, in summery, beauty in nature is where you find it, if you’ll just look.

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