Lines and More Lines

While I was on a photo walk recently, I decided to capture several images that had various sorts of “lines” in each composition. From my experience it’s never a bad idea to have one or two themes when you are out looking for different photography. Processing each of these original color photos in black and white (Lightroom 5) with the Silver Efex Pro 2 Plug-In, makes them much better in my opinion.





Brown Water


Most families have a humorous story to tell concerning events in which they were involved, some significant some not. Perhaps a few of these stories might even become a permanent part of family lore. When we lived in Stafford Virginia shortly after I retired from the Army, our grandkids were visiting and while there we had a severe thunderstorm with very heavy rain and winds. Thankfully there was no major impact on us, but that was not true for a lonely squirrel who had sought refuge in a high tree above fast flowing, muddy, brown-colored storm water in a ditch along the street by our house. Young granddaughter Jennifer and grandson Michael sat with me on the front porch watching the rain, wind, and muddy water flow past when a large blast of wind hit and the unsuspecting squirrel was blown from the tree in which it had sought cover. We stared as it flew through the air headed for the muddy drainage ditch. Thankfully for the wet and probably terrified small animal it missed the water, landed in the street and then took off running away to safer territory. That rather insignificant event generated much laughter between us at the time and it still causes us to remember, smile and laugh today years after. Besides the squirrel’s “adventure”, what’s become a part of our family lore is the brown water that flowed past us in the drainage ditch during the height of that storm. Today, when it’s raining hard wherever we are, perhaps separated by many miles, we can convey to each other the severity of any rain storm simply by saying, “Brown water.”

Part Two – Seasons Change

My last post spoke to a change in seasons on the horizon, with included photos. This post carries that theme a bit farther into the change, by hinting that before we know it, Winter will be here with snow, etc. I love these kinds of trees!




Seasons Change

As we near the end of August, temperatures remain generally hot, but still there is evidence in nature that seasons are about to change, with fall colors eventually turning into drab grays and cold winter months. I really like these two images I made the other day, because when I did so it was unseasonably cool, and wet. That reminded me of changing days ahead to look forward to.



Morning Leaf

On my morning walk I saw the rising sun providing some “backlit” photo conditions on a Magnolia Tree, and having my camera with me at the time, I recorded what I saw. Keep your eyes open and camera ready is my motto.




Renovating an Historic Courthouse

The City of Martinsville, Virginia is a part of Henry County. The old county courthouse in the city center was once a hub for activity. Today, it still is but for different reasons. Several years ago the county built a modern administrative complex some distance away, but planners and historians elected not to abandon the historic courthouse and elected to renovate it to serve other purposes to include being home to a popular visitors center. Recently I made some photographs of the newly renovated structure to shown what can be done when people care about their history.





These two photographs project two entirely different moods. The first, “bright”, “peaceful” and perhaps “joy.” The second by itself projects “sadness” or to use a slang term “spookiness.” Photographs can tell a story, sometimes without words.