A Different “Walk” in the Woods


Age and accompanying health issues have given me a “new normal” when it comes to going into “the woods” A few years ago it was normal for me to pick a general destination, put on my sturdy hiking boots, load a back pack including at least one camera, and then hike long, winding trails in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of SW Virginia. Circumstances have changed for me today but my desire to get into that environment has not diminished at all. Now I typically drive to various locations near our home, park, and then walk shorter distances with my camera in hand to find photo compositions as they are placed before me by the good Lord — who always makes sure I have opportunities that He leaves up to me to take advantage of, which I always do. Some digital images I capture never get past the screen of my laptop during post processing. Others, like the one above and below, wind up here on my photo blog for you to enjoy. Nature’s beauty awaits if you will just get out and experience it.






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