At the Water’s Edge


Since I was a young boy growing up in a lower middle class neighborhood in Little Rock Arkansas I have been attracted to the “edges of water.” Rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and the ocean. Makes no difference what the circumstances were at the time, if there was any water in nature about, I wanted to be near it. For a few years we lived very close to the Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina. Sitting on the porch of our home there, I gazed daily at the beach front less than 500 yards away. Still, that was often not close enough for me, so I walked and ran along the sandy inter-tidal zone, enjoying myself tremendously. Why? Because I was at the water’s edge. After we moved much farther inland to SW Virginia, I was fortunate to once again have ample opportunities to seek out and find beautiful shorelines such as the one pictured above. Thus, when I go out with my camera I will find myself being drawn to sights like the ones below. At the waters edge.




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  1. Great details, I to have an attraction to the edges of nature… storms, tree lines, mountain ranges and even water. It is at the edges of nature that I find art.

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