Cattle in the Blue Ridge

Driving back home from Blacksburg, VA after a visit with our grandson Michael, I decided to drive a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, to see how Spring was “springing up” above 3000 feet elevation. New leaves on trees were much less than I expected, but the grass was very green with all the recent rain we’ve been having in this part of Virginia. My focus was “cattle.” I did not have to look too hard, although the ones I saw were a bit far away. You’ll have to look closely to see the black shapes in the distance. That was OK because I wanted to show the surrounding landscape too. Enjoy what I saw.





Living in the Southeastern reaches of the United States, we are home to what was once expected to be a solution to severe erosion in the early 20th Century, brought on by farming and other man-made activities. A variety of plant, Kudzu, was imported into the US from Eastern Asia to perform that role. What happened eventually is not what was intended. The pervasive plant spreads so fast one can almost see it growing, sometimes a foot a day from “shoots” that spread and capture whatever is around. Below are photo examples of what it has done to some old farm buildings in SW Virginia. Were it summertime, the scenes would look more like a large green blogs. Our grandkids used to refer to the plant as creating “Monster Trees.”






Walk in a Park

Few things compare to a walk in early Spring, on a warm sunny day, in a nice city park, with the sweet aroma of flowering trees and other blooming beauties assaulting our nostrils. Includes perhaps a sneeze or two,for those with seasonal allergies. Fujifilm X100T camera.



Interesting Perspectives

I like these images which show some interesting perspective views. The close-up of the lace curtains in the window is nice in my opinion. I’m not bragging on my photos, I just happened to see something that looked interesting and the camera did the rest. A Fujifilm X100T. Superb camera thats fun to use. My main camera now.