Wall Art

Here are two images I saw in Reidsville, NC recently. While one of them is a single section of a large wall mural at least fifty feet wide, the other is a small window scene painted on the upper level of a retail establishment. That one was so realistic as I walked by on the opposite side of the street, at first I though the cat in the window was real. Nice work by the artists who painted these.



Backlighting Flowers

As the sun sets, or angle of main lighting changes such that it’s behind the subject, one can get sone nice effects, especially with flowers and other vegetation. The colors seem to pop out more when using this technique.




House versus Me versus Dogs

I was headed down a very narrow country road, seeking a place to turn around to get back to the highway I had planned to take (no, I wasn’t lost, just following my nose) when I spotted this very nice, old and deserted home, with NO TRESPASSING signs posted. I had to stop and get some photos, and I did. I figured I’d obey the signs and just wander around the yard, getting some photos, thinking the “no trespassing” applied to the house itself. As I got my last photo, I heard angry dogs barking from over a nearby hill. Time to go I told myself, and just as I got into my car there came the first (perhaps) unhappy farm dog looking for the trespasser (me). As I drove off, the dog looked at me and wagged his tail, I guess not so unhappy after all. But, I thanked the Good Lord for making me end my photo shoot when I did. There surely were other dogs around. It was a great experience and I took away some nice images.





Beauty from the Past

Old wooden structures, with weather-beaten and rotting timbers, with green vegetation growing nearby, are especially nice photo subjects when you can find them. You have to drive narrow, winding country roads to find these, and watch carefully for Poison Ivy and local farm dogs that always seem to pop up for me, thankfully as I’m getting back in my car.







Not many words to be said about these photos, other than one … “wet.” Now to the technical details. Used a slow shutter speed for the first three, (1/20 sec, f22) hand held, and higher speed for last ones (1/200 sec) I wanted to show a misty scene with the first images using the flowing water, and sharpness and contrast with the close ups of the rocks. Found this “waterfall” in a small alleyway park in downtown Reidsville, NC.






Small but Nice

From 1893 to 1917, the Little Post Office in Martinsville, Virginia played a critical role in the expansion of the United States Postal Service‚Äôs local service, when it was operated as a “contract” post office. Such operations were typical at that time. Today, the historic building is made available for special events and historic displays. I’ve made numerous photos of the building before, and whenever I do, I make an angled-on composition first to show the complete building in (I think) the best manner, followed by a close-up image of some aspect, like the dimpled glass window, with reflected green trees and blue sky. So what if repeat what I’ve done before? I like it!