When it’s too cold (like in the 10s-20s) for me to take my camera outside to places around our home in SW Virginia, I elect to stay inside and make some “warmer” photos. Point is, I’m being creative with my camera and enjoying every moment of it.




Trees on a Background

I’m not one who likes to spend a lot of time trying to find the “perfect” sunset or sunrise. However, I am one who is always looking out my window either at home or while driving. Right after the beginning of this new year I looked out my bedroom on a dreary, wet and foggy day. One tree in our backyard had a misty, haunting look so I grabbed by camera and made a photo.


Later that day as the sun began to set, clouds earlier present slowly went away and right at that moment when vibrant red and blue hues from the setting sun provided a nice backdrop for other trees in our yard, I made the following images. We’re talking seconds to capture the best colors … the sun sets very fast.



And lastly, today I got up early because I had a very busy morning ahead. As I opened the front door, looking east, and while headed to our mailbox to get the morning paper, the sun rise I saw made me turn around and go get my camera, after which I made this nice image.


In summary, I took advantage of my surroundings and made some nice photos. Yes, it’s not like looking at the sun rise or set at the Grand Canyon, but they will do for my purposes. It’s all about having a passion for doing what you do, and enjoying it all the way.

A Special Photo Walk in Danville

Danville, Virginia is but a short drive of thirty minutes or so from our home. It’s a very historic place with many wonderful photographic opportunities. I’ve been there many, many times and each time I go I find some different view I’d missed before. Right after Christmas 2015, I made the trip with folks who had never been there. Our youngest daughter Amy and her three sons (in order behind Amy) Stephen, Brandon and Daniel had traveled from North Texas and I was of course most happy to have them with me on this very special “photo walk.”


One photographic attraction and popular visitor location I wanted them to see was the Main Street Historic District and it’s intricate and colorful Victorian Style homes. I was not the only one with a camera. Brandon (below) is very creative in both photo/video work and perhaps one day that will be his chosen life’s journey. Amy and Stephen had their phone cameras and the images they made showed a talent for composition. Daniel, being a high school athlete excelling in both football and tennis was the catalyst of the group, offering wise and inspiring comments along the way.


Here are a few photos I made for my personal enjoyment that day.





This trip to Danville was my last photo walk of 2015, and I have to say it was certainly my most enjoyable for that year. May those in 2016 be equally so.