Variety in Photos

Sometimes I have no “subject” or “theme” when I make photos. I just click the shutter on what I see that interests me. Of course, I have to wander around a bit at various locations to find these sorts of images.




Looking in front and behind

Last evening after supper I looked out our front door and saw the moon rising about the same time as the sun was setting. The moon being almost “full” looked nice, with a slight haze in front. So I grabbed my camera with telephoto lens and went outside to make a couple of photos. Here’s the first.


As I was making this photo our neighbor Al came out to say hello from his deck above where I was standing. As I turned around to talk to him, I noticed a nice sunset with some nice pastel colors behind me. So, I made another photo. I’m glad I looked in front as well as behind. Two nice images.


The Dick and Willie Trail


Before the arrival of railroads in the Dan River Valley region of SW Virginia, goods were transported to city and town markets via flat-bottomed boats. By the late 19th Century, railroads had taken over that purpose. A rail line was completed from Danville to Stuart in 1884 and passed through Martinsville. The “Danville and Western Railroad” was nicknamed the “Dick and Willie” by local residents and while train traffic was discontinued years ago, the roadbed of the line has been converted into a multi-purpose recreational trail as it passes through Martinsville. The 4.5 mile long trail is used today by thousands annually, and the name Dick and Willie remains affectionally in the hearts of many. Recently, I took a early morning walk along the trail, and was rewarded not only by the exercise I had, but by the beauty of wildflowers and greenery all along the route. Kudos to local government planners and officials for making this all possible.





Find your path and follow it

P1040729 (1)

To those young people undecided what to do with their lives, I’d counsel visualizing a “path” just like in the photo above. I’d say, look at that path in your mind as an adventure in discovering, through life experiences, what lies beyond each twist and turn. Other than taking a mental leap into the unknown, there’s often no major risk involved, and much to gain. Perhaps a few months or years may pass “walking” down this path of discovery, but events encountered during that adventurous span of time, simply add to one’s better understanding of their true mission in life. And, most importantly, to be able to perform that mission with much greater purpose and determination than they had when they set forth.

Change is never easy, especially when it involves heading into unfamiliar territory. But, that change may very well be exactly what one needs to make them realize what it is they really want to do in life. Be bold. Take a step out on your path.

Tall Trees

On a recent walk I saw a single tree standing out from the background, which is in the midst of changing its winter to spring colors. I liked that lone tree. As I walked further along I saw two other similar, but uniquely different looking trees. So, that quickly became a “photo theme for the day.”




Nature at its Best

There are times when I look outside and see something that makes me grab my camera and go. In this most recent case; first, it was the dark sky on the eastern horizon as the sun was rising after a night of thunderstorms. The light on the trees backed by the dark clouds is what did it for me. The second instance was the bird in a tree out back, sitting alone on a limb. I felt the image would look best in black and white. And lastly, it was one of the last daffodils to bloom, out of many this spring. This one had some red color on top of the yellow, so I felt it would look nice close up. Springtime is a special time for photography. But alas, soon many of the bright colors will be replaced by shades of green. Still, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just makes for some more photo fun.