Madison’s Dry Goods Country Store


We live about fifteen driving minutes away from Madison, NC. The small town of about 2000 is located in the Piedmont Region of Virginia and North Carolina, and its downtown business district is a favorite place for me to visit. Always with my camera. In that regard I offer up Madison’s Dry Goods Country Store.  I love visiting and shopping in stores like this, and believe me I’ve been in many. The unique thing about here is the friendly atmosphere, and quality clothing and other goods sold, at reasonable prices. Here are some photos I made to give you a taste. If you are in Rockingham County NC,  I encourage you to visit Madison, as I did this past week, leaving with a just purchased nice flannel shirt and fleece vest. I’m ready for winter now!






  1. Michael, thank you so much for the beautiful photo essay of our business “Madison Dry Goods and Dry Goods Country Store ” For the past 22 years we have had the privilege of allowing photographers such as yourself to wander thru and take pictures of a bygone era of the past.
    It’s always interesting to see what catches the eye of each photographer……..well done!
    Looking forward to your next visit.
    Wear your new vest and flannel shirt in good health.
    Richard and Kathy Miller
    Madison Dry Goods

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