Always be thankful …

Some people forget there are 365 days a year during which to give thanks for what they have, count their blessings, and be joyful no matter the circumstances. It took me far too long in life to realize this, but now I most certainly do. As my stylized photo here suggests, the Thanksgiving Holiday period for us in the United States has arrived. Traditions take over. Turkeys will be roasted, smoked, or deep fat fried. Family members will travel via plane, train or automobile to gather to celebrate. Football games will be watched. Shoppers will seek bargain prices on the Friday after Thanksgiving (a relatively new tradition) and many will find great success in that regard. During all this some will complain that the turkey meal they were served wasn’t up to expectations. Some will sit stranded in air terminals awaiting delayed connections. Some will leave said terminal with a “lost baggage” claim ticket in hand. Others will weep or scream when their favored college or professional football team loses a key game played during the holiday period. While others will be seriously mad because the great bargain they sought on Black Friday was sold out. That’s all fine with me. I’m not judging one way or the other. But, it’s not me. I choose to be thankful regardless.

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  1. Right on Mike! Being thankful is a daily activity,not by rote, but because of our many blessings. OBTW, good treatment of the picture.

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