Floyd Virginia – Part 1

Floyd County Virginia, and the town that holds that name, provide for me an opportunity to see how rural America once was, and to explore various sights and sounds that are unique. In short, I love it. Over the next few posts I’ll share what I saw recently. For those living reasonably nearby in Virginia or North Carolina, the drive itself (along VA Route 8, or the Blue Ridge Parkway) is a worthwhile trip. Photo opportunities abound. Especially in Spring when Apple trees are in bloom. If that’s not possible, I’m here to show you what’s there.


The Floyd County Court House sits at the center of the town. History is alive there in many ways. It’s a very popular place to visit because of that, and on many weekends the town center is full of happy visitors, enjoying where they are.


A dusting of snow had fallen the day prior to my visit, and when I saw this “Christmas Season” composition outside the town’s historic hardware store, I immediately focused and clicked the shutter on the camera I was carrying (iPhone 7 Plus).


The building at the right (upstairs) has a really nice coffee shop. There were many folks going up and down the stairs, but I waited until none were seen. (I prefer photos without people in many cases. This was one.)

Below are just two of the interesting shops that are located in the town. The name “Republic of Floyd” derives from a group of artisans and small business people who have called Floyd their home. The shop sells perhaps one of the largest variety of craft beers I’ve seen.



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