Early Spring?

Daffodils are beginning to pop out of the ground, thanks to an unseasonably warm month. Each year we seem to be getting more days in February when temperatures are above 60. Low 50s is normal in Southern Virginia where we live. It won’t be long before the bright yellow blooms will fill various spots in our flower beds. And then, they will be gone in a month or so, going dormant for another year.

And then there are the Pansies, which were planted in late Fall and made it through much below normal temperatures during January. High teens. Snowfall and ice included. These guys are about the most tolerant flowers I’ve grown. I’ve seen their flowers sticking out brightly as the snow melts around them. They add a lot of “color joy” outside our back porch. Now don’t misunderstand, I’m no gardening expert. We have a yard service company that plants the Pansies each Fall, and then replace them with warmer weather flowers in March-April. Many of the Daffodils were planted 16 years ago before we moved into our home. I did transplant some to spread their beauty around the house. But, I do maintain the flowers once planted. And aren’t the colors vibrant?

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