The Blue Bird House


Our neighbor George is a diligent worker. Slow but deliberate. When he sets his mind to start and complete a retirement project in between exploring trips, at home and overseas, he does so with usual success. He wanted to attract Blue Birds to nest in (what else) a “blue” house. It even has a metal roof.  I told him one day I’d make some photos of it and post herein for others to enjoy. As I did. He made every part by hand. I especially note the “windows.”


Not to be denied…

Our recent snow in SW Virginia, melting fast, did not deter these little Pansies who “sought the sun.” Glad I saw this photo opportunity before it was lost. Advantage iPhone camera which is always in my pocket.

The Weather

Maybe it’s because I’m fully retired, with idle time on my hands, that I focus so much on the weather forecast. February and March have been rough months for us here in SW Virginia this year: below normal temperatures, lots of rain and some snow, and too many cloudy, dreary days that affected my attitude. Numerous smartphone weather Apps overload me with information. Long range forecasts depress me when they point to a continuation of bad weather. Today I’m in that predicament. The first day of Spring just passed and cold and snowy weather is predicted. This photo sums up my mood in that regard.


I know better than to let this sort of thing affect me, but it does anyway. There’s a saying, “One can make their own weather … even if it’s in the mind.” I can’t control the weather but I can control how I react to it. The weather conditions and environment in the following photo is what I choose to focus on this week. How can I be any happier remembering that moment when I captured the image in Alaska last August.


While in Alaska for a week, the weather was absolutely top-of-the-line. Mostly clear blue skies, long range views, warm temperatures, little if any rain, and total bliss as far as the incredible scenery was concerned. It was easy to be pleased with the weather then. What I have to do right now, dreary as it is outside, is to have the same level of joy I had in Alaska. Make my own weather.

Martinsville Speedway

NASCAR racing has changed significantly over the past twenty years. Economics are partly responsible for less fans showing up, popular drivers that dominated the sport for years have retired, younger people aren’t as interested, and there’s probably too much demand for prospective fan interest coming from elsewhere. For over ten years I attended each of the two races here annually, always having a great time. Sometimes the weather cooperated, sometimes not. I didn’t care. I went regardless. A couple of beers, several hotdogs, and lots of french fries kept me going. Today, alas, I’m not longer going to the races. But, since we live just two miles from the track, I can drive there and make some photos. The 2018 Spring Race is this weekend and the track was being spruced up the day I made this photo. It would be impossible to see the track on race day like I did as shown here. I tried to compose my images in a way that is “different.” The light cooperated.





Artisans in Floyd Virginia

Many folks around where we live in SW Virginia know that Blue Grass music and a quaint town awaits one who visits Floyd, but others might know it’s also home to a group of artisans who engage in a wide range of creative arts. It’s this group that caught my attention during trip there. I made several photos that show some of their fine work.


This is where much of the work takes place, Floyd Center for the Arts. The day I was there it was cold and a dusting of snow was present. But, it was sunny and the light was such that I was able to capture some of the outside artwork that makes this place so special. Here’s what I saw.




So, with this post I end my series of posts (for now) about Floyd, Virginia. Now that the weather is improving, and apple trees will soon be blooming, I suggest to any close enough to go there do so, you won’t be disappointed.

Winter Again … Part 2


Wet snow arrived yesterday, and it’s melting quickly. It wasn’t much, maybe two inches.  When I looked out the kitchen window this morning I saw this scene looking northwest, with the sun rising from the east. The colors made it stand out to me. However, the photo below was made last week, and I am very optimistic that this is the scene I’ll soon see again. Ready for Spring. It’s just going t get better. Flowering Dogwood trees are on deck.


Winter Again

With hopeful expectation of soon to arrive warmer temperatures, I’ve been teased by such over the past few weeks, watching our flowers begin to bloom and brighten. But, today, it’s Winter again.



The good thing about this March snowfall is that it’s on the minimal side. And, as you can see here, it makes for a couple of nice photo compositions. There is always a bright side to everything … if you think about it.

A Window


When I find an old farm house, unoccupied of course, I always look for a window with tattered curtains, thinking what lies behind. Ghosts of past occupants? Nothing but junk? I suppose I’d jump out of my skin if a face suddenly appeared. This photo represents one of the best I’ve found lately … although I have many other nice ones in my collection. I love the texture of the wood siding and the faded tin roof.