Artisans in Floyd Virginia

Many folks around where we live in SW Virginia know that Blue Grass music and a quaint town awaits one who visits Floyd, but others might know it’s also home to a group of artisans who engage in a wide range of creative arts. It’s this group that caught my attention during trip there. I made several photos that show some of their fine work.


This is where much of the work takes place, Floyd Center for the Arts. The day I was there it was cold and a dusting of snow was present. But, it was sunny and the light was such that I was able to capture some of the outside artwork that makes this place so special. Here’s what I saw.




So, with this post I end my series of posts (for now) about Floyd, Virginia. Now that the weather is improving, and apple trees will soon be blooming, I suggest to any close enough to go there do so, you won’t be disappointed.

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