Martinsville Speedway

NASCAR racing has changed significantly over the past twenty years. Economics are partly responsible for less fans showing up, popular drivers that dominated the sport for years have retired, younger people aren’t as interested, and there’s probably too much demand for prospective fan interest coming from elsewhere. For over ten years I attended each of the two races here annually, always having a great time. Sometimes the weather cooperated, sometimes not. I didn’t care. I went regardless. A couple of beers, several hotdogs, and lots of french fries kept me going. Today, alas, I’m not longer going to the races. But, since we live just two miles from the track, I can drive there and make some photos. The 2018 Spring Race is this weekend and the track was being spruced up the day I made this photo. It would be impossible to see the track on race day like I did as shown here. I tried to compose my images in a way that is “different.” The light cooperated.





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