Yard Flowers and a Tree

Grass in our yard is thick and green (thanks to those who maintain it, I sold my John Deere years ago). Mowing has yet to begin. As a result I’m seeing a few pretty wild flowers pop up in places. I guess some experts would just write them off as undesired weeds to be eradicated. Not me. I like them. Out back of the house is another blessing for me at this time of year. Our Weeping Pussy Willow Tree.

The fuzzy looking buds will soon fall off to be replaced by leaves and then the hanging branches will begin to lengthen over the summer creating a nice addition outside our back porch. I planted the tree a few years ago and it’s been enjoyable watching it grow taller. But, it has to be maintained though careful pruning. All this is the sort of light yard work I still do. And look forward to. Another mission.

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