On a Photowalk Uptown

We live in Ridgeway, Virginia, directly adjacent to the much larger City of Martinsville. I often walk around the city center, looking for interesting and “different” photo compositions. Each time I go, I find something I didn’t see during earlier visits. Today was typical. Each image was made with the Fujifilm X-T100 camera.


Toy cars in a shop window. Never underestimate photo possibilities of things on display behind shop widows. Place your lens as close as possible to the glass to prevent reflection. However, the reflected street scene in the window here blends in nicely with the toys.


Flowers growing in a planter along a window ledge. Example of “leading lines” in a photo composition.


Sun peaking out behind a Veteran Memorial monument in front of the old County Court House.


Entrance to a back alley access door to a basement storage area. The grain of the wooden door caught my eye.


Looking up one of the main columns of the Court House. Having a flip-out LCD on a camera allows one to easily make these kind of shots, without straining your neck or falling over while looking straight up.


Same as the one above. I liked the contrasting and vibrant colors.


There are always “signs” of our past in city centers, such as faded remnants of advertisements on brickwork of buildings as they once were. I like to find these and am happy when I discover one I’d missed before.

So, it was another good walk-about Martinsville for me today. I have many more images to share but that will come later.



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