Black and White Architecture


(Images made using the X-T100 camera with 15-45mm lens. Original color compositions processed using the Mac Desktop App “Tonality”)

I find that converting color images into black and white can result in a nice rendition. While I could have done this “in-camera” by adding a filter, I prefer to do it externally where I have more flexibility to get the look I’m seeking.





As you can see, Martinsville is no longer the vibrant city it once was. Closures of major economic centers related to textiles, furniture, and other key industries are the direct cause, just as it is throughout this region of Virginia and North Carolina. Before the expansion of governmental jobs in Northern Virginia, Martinsville was a major “economic engine” for the Commonwealth. In many ways, the city is re-buildig itself today through small business development and tourist related attractions such as NASCAR’s oldest track, Martinsville Speedway, and an excellent and very popular compertitive sports complex. For me, it’s a perfect place to live.

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