Two Favorite Birds

During most of the year, there are several House Wrens nesting around our house, finding and eating various sorts of insects as they rapidly flitter around, chirping loudly. It takes a bit of luck for me to find them sitting still long enough so a photograph might be made. I was lucky the other day. I have read that the same birds tend to return to where they were hatched. Whatever, there always seem to be at least two around, until the weather gets really cold. When we had cats, they loved to watch them out the window, being attached by their chirping while sitting on the outside window ledge.

(Photos made with Panasonic GX7 camera using 45-200mm lens.}



Speaking of luck, that’s even more necessary when it comes to another favorite bird of mine … the Hummingbird. To get them in-flight using a telephoto lens, one must use a fast shutter speed. Sometimes they are in sharp focus, sometimes not so much. I take what I get within reason. This kind of photography requires great patience.  I can make it less so by always having my camera handy, and being prepared to make the shot out the kitchen window if necessary.  These little guys fight each other to have sole possession of the feeder, so I was even more lucky to capture two feeding at the same time. For some reason they disappeared from our feeder during June and early July but they have returned, thankfully. I’m a good supplier of nectar.




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