Lots of Photo Variety

What’s interesting to me may not be so to another. But, I suspect most folks like to see a variety of photographs to judge on their own. Here are several, starting with one made inside our house. Items found or purchased near Upper Michigan’s Whitefish Point Museum form the basis of this wall display. The remainder of the photos were made around the outside of our home.


(Photos made with Fujifilm X-T100 with 50mm f2 lens)


Lantana. One of my favorite flowers. They have a “unique” smell. Keeps the deer away.




Crape Myrtle. Note the seed buds bottom right.


The 50mm lens I just began using gives a representation of what our eyes see. As opposed to wider or closer view zoom lens. I prefer that. So, I think the lens will become one that will remain on my camera a lot. If I need to change the composition, I simply zoom “with my feet” by moving around until I get what I want. For me, the “joy” of photography is being creative, and not let letting the camera decide what that means using it’s auto mode.

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