fullsizeoutput_26b4As we near the Winter season here in SW Virginia, and temperatures signal ice and snow at some point in the near future, I recalled what we saw close-up in Alaska’s Prince William during a trip there in August, 2017. These images show a mix of green and white unlike what would be seen just a few months later, when the scene would be mostly white. We were very fortunate to have been there on a day when the weather was perfect. Veteran travelers to Alaska realize this often is not the case. Global warming, whatever the cause, is definitely having an impact on the size of glaciers. My first trip to Alaska was in 1999. Four separate visits later, to the same locations in Prince William Sound and elsewhere, definitely show that tidal and other glaciers are retreating, and are generally smaller in size. Whether or not this trend can be reversed is of course a great unknown.







6 Replies to “Alaska Glaciers in August”

    1. Thanks. The weather in Prince William Sound when we left Whittier was not good. Low clouds and cold light rain. But it cleared up when we got near the glaciers. When the day trip was over and we docked, it started to rain. Lucky day.

  1. As usual good images, but your story telling about your visits to Alaska is very interesting. Alaska is on my bucket list might be a trip I do after I retire.

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